QlikView Extension - OnOffSwitch

A QlikView object extension to enable the user to toggle the value of a variable in iPad style.

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  • Use this extension to allow users to change the value of a variable with a nice looking interface (very similar to the experience on an iPad).
  • You can use this extensions multiple time on each QlikView sheet to manipulate different variables.
  • No need to code anything, all properties can be set in the extension's property dialog.
  • Settings via extension's property dialog:
    • Name of the variable to be manipulated
    • Label for on/off status


Set your properties using the extension's property dialog:


Use multiple instances of this extension to your QlikView document:


Changes to the status of each extension will automatically change the value of the associated variable:


A real live scenario, the On/Off switches are used for:
  • enabling/disabling sheets
  • enabling/disabling sheet objects
  • enabling/disabling dimensions

Instructions - How to use:

Installation & Configuration

  1. Download the extension
  2. Install the extension on your local computer (doubleclick on the .qar file)
  3. Drag'n'Drop the extension within QlikView Desktop (using WebView)
  4. Set the desired properties:
    1. Reference a variable to be changed
    2. Set the label properties (by default they will be set to "On" and "Off")
  5. Finally deploy the extension to your server (-> detailed instruction)

Behavior of the extension

  • If the initial value of an extension cannot be recognized, the default value will be set to the "On" status, but the value of the variable will not be changed until the user first clicks on either "On" or "Off"
  • The extension will change the values according to the selected status as follows
    • On = 1
    • Off = 0
  • Changing the value for the "On" or "Off" label will not change the resulting variable value

Change Log:

===== v1.0 - 01/01/2013 =====
  • Initial version

Additional Notes:

Known Issues:

  • Non so far, please use the Issue Tracker to submit your observations.

Future Improvements & Ideas:

  • Probably I could add more layouts/themes
  • Offer more possibilities than just On/Off (like radio buttons), e.g. small, small, regular, large, larger
  • Add the possibility to disable the control
  • Add the functionality to change target values, so on only 0 for Off and 1 for On, but e.g. 1 for Off and 1000 for Off
  • If you have additional ideas, please let me know

Your Comments:

Please add your comments, bugs and ideas for future enhancements in the "Discussions" section of this project.


I have reviewed some implementations how to achieve a toggle switch using jQuery, Html and CSS. Finally I decided to use a very simple implementation by Monji Dolon posted on his blog. Thanks!

Further Information:

Visit my blog at qlikblog.at for further information or follow my Twitter account.

Final Note:

Although I am working at QlikTech this solution and project is not officially supported by QlikTech.
This is just a private project of a real QlikView enthusiast ... ;-)

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